When it comes to things that Boise residents love--we could name a few. Let's start with dogs, craft beer, the outdoors, and how about bicycles? It's true that here in Boise, we really do live in a bicyclists world and honestly we aren't upset about it.

One staple for bikes and other outdoor supplies has announced they're closing--for good--and people here in the Treasure Valley are heartbroken.

By the way, COVID-19 did businesses in the Treasure Valley no favors. We don't need to tell you that-- here's a look at just SOME of the places impacted by the pandemic

41 Treasure Valley Businesses We've Lost Since March 2020

The pandemic. Staffing issues. A struggling parent company. Deciding to re-brand. Those are all reasons over 40 local businesses called it quits over the last two years.

Unfortunately, we're forced to add another to this list. 

The Boise Gear Collective has been a solid place for YEARS to find new and used outdoor gear. Perhaps one of the most popular places to find a bike in the Treasure Valley, the kind staff of the Boise Gear Collective has always been there to help. In an email to subscribers, ownership shared that the shop just doesn't have enough cash to survive.

It's a heartbreaking story of a local business ending a successful run-- not by choice. In the email, Tyson, the owner writes:

I have always paid well here and many of our regular employees were making $14 to $20 an hour.  When it hasn't snowed in months and we are sitting on literal pallets full of unsold skis, the cash just dried up.  When I missed the first payroll in 10 years by bumping to Monday vs Friday, nearly all the staff walked out within 24 hours.

He continues to explain that supply chain shortages and a bike world that is "in shambles" just made business next to impossible.

You can read his entire, heartfelt email HERE.

Looking to help? Tyson says "come get the good while we've got 'em".

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