As our Idaho kiddos head back to their respective educational salt mines, we can't forget to treat ourselves for holding it down all summer long. After all, the journey from the start of summer vacation to the start of the new school year was no cake walk. Between team carpools, summer camps, and the kinds of family vacations that parents need to recover from with kid-free vacations, we deserve a great time!

Check out our favorite tips for celebrating back-to-school season Idaho-style!

No One Celebrates Back-to-School Season Better Than Idaho Parents!

Feeling judged for counting down the days you get to send your kid backpackin' with a cold lunch in tow? Shake it off and chill with us, your non-judgmental Idahomies.

We love our kids more than quiet coffee mornings with fresh donuts, but gosh darn it are we holdin' out for the start of the school year like our life depends on it. 

11 Guilt-Free Reasons We're Thrilled the Kids Are Back in School!

If you're the sort of parent that spends the summer pining away for the start of the school year, come hang out with us. Listen, when it comes to our kids, our cups runneth over. But that doesn't mean they don't drive us nuts eight weeks a year. Of the hundreds out there, we've narrowed down a list of 11 reasons parents have the hard-earned right to celebrate back-to-school season!

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