I will admit I have never been to a soda shop, but I am intrigued by the idea. Growing up I heard stories about how kids would hang out at the 'soda fountain' and you would even see it depicted in television shows, but those were before my days. So it's exciting to hear that Fiiz Drinks is planning it's first location in Boise.

Fiiz Drinks will be taking over the old Eat-a-Burger location on Cole Rd, in the parking lot of the Boise Towne Square Mall. According to Boise Dev, the location will hold seats for 23 people at a time and will offer sweet treats such as soda (of course), Italian Sodas, cookies, and lots of other items for customers to indulge in.

Drinks on their menu will be a little crazy like the Fat Guy in a Little Coke, Drama Queen or if you're a fan of the TV show Friends you'll enjoy the 'Chandler Bing' drink. Check out their full menu here.

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