We first reported to you just a couple of months ago that the "My Pillow Guy" was coming after Idaho for all sorts of unsubstantiated reasons. It almost plays perfectly into this weird fascination with Idaho that many celebrities have had lately.  Whether it's a celebrity fishing in our waters, doing a million dollar deal in Sun Valley, or a national talking head like Glenn Beck dabbling in our political system--there seems to be an interest in Idaho.

Can they even find us on a map? Let's be honest.

First reported in July, Mike Lindell, the "My Pillow Guy" was very angry about election results in Idaho--from the primaries.  Lindell believed that Janice McGeachin, a Donald Trump endorsed candidate, should have been the Republican nominee for the gubernatorial race. The votes, however, said otherwise--with a clear and early win for Brad Little.

Lindell shared on Twitter that Idaho was home to voter fraud and that Idaho would soon "see", claiming to have information about the election but not offering anything up..



Well, it has been just over two months since this claim and Idahoans have been waiting for this proof. Now, we're wondering if we will ever see it?



As you can see from the video, the 'My Pillow Guy' is now without a phone and apparently, that thing was his life.

"I don't have a computer, I only have my phone and everything that I do was on there" he said in the video explanation.

Could Lindell have been lying about Idaho? Why would he care?

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