You know that feeling that you get when you want to crawl out of your skin? Your whole body itches and you need to jump into a shower and scrub yourself with pumice-stone kind of creeped out?

Get ready for these nasty and very, very real images that were taken just minutes from Idaho. We should probably preface this with a warning, too: Idaho isn't exempt from a scene like this, or worse

Check out what's going on just minutes from the Idaho border...and brace yourself! 

The Internet 'Can't Even' With This Insect Photo Near Idaho

Minutes from Idaho is 'Owyhee, Nevada' and after seeing the insect invasion there on Twitter--folks online 'can't even'!

Would you go anywhere near one of these?

We suppose that the truth is, there's never just one--there's one thousand or depending on the season--seemingly one million!

Another Twitter user shared photos of this image, of the Mormon Crickets all over the general hospital in Elko, Nevada:


  We're so used to seeing images of them on the roads, we can't even fathom walking into a building that is covered in these things! Another user just today "showed off" her collection of friends...yikes:    



Mormon Crickets are inevitable in our area and if nothing else--you should be cautious of driving over them because they can actually make the roads quite slippery--there are that many and they are that slimy.  Gross.

Interested in learning more? We found this feature from National Geographic to be very informative.

While we're talking creatures--here are some pointers for Mosquito season, as well:

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Here's What You Need to Know Before Mormon Crickets Come Back to Boise

Mormon Cricket season is almost here! Check out the gallery below to get a better understanding of the oddly-named creature!


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