Alright, let's get real for a second. There are a lot of people who are unhappy with the state of Boise but those same people also have a tremendous amount of pride. Now, was I in Boise for the "good ol' days"? No. No, I wasn't. But let me tell you - I've heard plenty about it.

Boise can't live in the past

Look, I get it - we would all love to live in Boise before it was "ruined by outsiders." Not my words by the way, but we've all heard that somewhere whether it's in a bar in downtown Boise or on social media. You know, the keyboard warriors.

So, rather than focus on what's already been done, what if we focus on the future of Boise and the surrounding area?

Where are the suggestions to make Boise great again coming from?

We polled you, the people of the Treasure Valley on the best way to go about making Boise great again. Does this mean that Boise isn't currently "great"? Absolutely not, I love it here but as we previously talked about, I constantly hear how "great Boise used to be." It also turns out, there are a few things the people of the Treasure Valley would change to take Boise back to its heyday... let's see what the streets of Boise are saying.

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What would you add to this list? Better yet - do you disagree with the list of ways to make Boise great again? I would love to hear about it and you can share that with me here.

Is there where the people of Boise would stop when it comes to change? Not even close.

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