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In today's day and age, we can sort out the who's who of the world with one question: are they on Wikipedia?

From celebrities to powerful world leaders and corporations, anyone worth their salt has an entry outfitted with dozens of hyperlinks, contributors, and edits. It's a flex of sorts. In case you missed it, Mormonism and Latter-Day Saints have a Wiki page. It took some time, but the church founded on April 6, 1830 in Fayette, New York has become one of the most widely talked about religious organizations in the world.

Latter-day Saints & Mormons: what's the difference?

Members of the LDS Church, also known as Latter-day Saints, account for 95% of Mormons. According to the Church of Jesus Christ website, there's a key difference between Latter-day Saints and Mormons.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was the name mandated in scripture in 1838. Calling it the "Mormon Church" or "LDS Church" leaves out the most central part of the Church: Jesus Christ. Consequently, the Church does not refer to itself as "the Mormon Church" and discourages use of that term.

-Church of Jesus Christ

That's pretty useful information given the population of Latter-day Saints in Idaho, Utah, and California. With a population of 2,161,526 followers, Utah has more Mormons and Latter-day Saints than any other state in the nation. Coming in second place is California with a population of 734,989, followed by Idaho with a total of 471,241.

You would think with as many Mormon and Latter-day Saint neighbors we have in the Gem State, we'd know a lot more about them than we do. Instead, we're constantly hearing theories, misinformation, and totally ridiculous myths about them.

In the nearly 10 years we've lived in Idaho, we've overheard PNW's call them cultists, polygamists, radical conservatives, terrible dancers, and...anti-makeup (?!). Oh, and let's not forget how about their "thing" with caffeine. Rumor has it Mormons and LDS think caffeinated beverages are the devil, Bobby.

Listen, we know that's not true! We also know we do better when we know better, which, in theory, can make us better neighbors and friends! So let's get some things straight, shall we?

Scroll on for the 10 craziest myths we've ever heard about Mormons & Latter-day Saints!

10 Totally Ridiculous Myths About Idaho Mormons & Latter-day Saints

When you live in Idaho or really anywhere in the Pacific Northwest, you hear lots of ridiculous theories and ideas about Mormons; especially when it comes to what people think they can and can't do.

But far be it from us to speak on behalf of a religion we don't belong to! Instead, we looked to advice from Jim Harmer, a Latter-day Saint who doesn't take himself or these silly myths too seriously!

Scroll on to check out a list of the most popular myths about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints!

Gallery Credit: Ryan Antoinette Valenzuela

Have an opinion? Do you want to add a myth to the gallery? Email!

If you thought Mormons and LDS were prudes, think again! Check out our gallery of their best pick-up lines below!

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