There are some crazy conspiracy theories floating around that involve Idaho. One of which says Idaho doesn't exist and people actually believe it. If that's the case, then it shouldn't sound crazy when we say that footage of a dinosaur in Boise... is legit.

One of the most unusual sightings in Boise's history

A viral video from 2015 is resurfacing and making its rounds on social media that shows what appears to be a dinosaur flying over Boise. This footage may not be necessarily new to anyone who's lived in the Treasure Valley, but now that we're in 2023 here's a thought:

What if this video is 100% real?

We know it sounds crazy but aren't there crazy things that have happened recently? Say like, for example, the Pentagon straight up declassified tons of files on UFOs that remain unexplained. Some of the technology shown in the footage seems to indicate that they are in fact from another world.

The government admitted this so would it be so crazy to think that there is a dinosaur or three roaming the planet? One that just so happened to fly through Boise?

Let's take a look...

This Evidence Of A Dinosaur in Boise is Definitely NOT Fake (VIDEO)

It's easy to dismiss a video and say it's fake but what if this is actual evidence of a dinosaur flying over the Treasure Valley?

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

That's not the strangest video captured in Idaho either. Some paranormal investigators looked into the alleged haunting of Canyon Hill Cemetary in Caldwell and the footage is shocking. You can literally see an apparition sprinting by gravestones and at one point, standing behind one.

It's the stuff of nightmares and you'll want to sleep with the lights on by the time you're done watching the video.

Why This Cemetery Is The Most Haunted In All Of Idaho (VIDEO)

This video of Canyon Hill Cemetery makes a strong case for being one of the most haunted in all of Idaho...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

We can't forget about this footage of a haunted mine in Nevada. We could arguably say that this is the most terrifying video we've shared with you.

Creepy Haunted Nevada Mine Video Will Keep You Up At Night

Exploring Horton Mine in Nevada is easily one of the most terrifying things you'll ever experience. The screams, paranormal activity, and sounds of machinery in complete darkness will certainly keep you awake at night...

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