The world lost an icon today as Bob Barker, the long-time host of the Price Is Right, died at the age of ninety-nine. Mr. Barker was known for making a show about guessing the prices of consumer goods so entertaining. Who could forget the show's end, where the top two contestants would show off in the Showcase Showdown?

Mr. Barker was a tireless advocate for adopting animals and was known for urging his audience to get their pets spade and neutered and support your local ASPCA.  

The popular host appeared in Happy Gilmore, where he punched out star Adam Sandler on the golf course. Mr. Barker won nineteen daytime Emmys during his career on network television. The Price Is Right was a favorite among homemakers, NBA players, and anyone home during the day.

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We all miss Bob Barker

Comedian Drew Carey replaced Mr. Barker; however, the show has never been the same without him. Mr. Barker hosted the Price Is Right for thirty-five years. Condolences from across the country and worldwide have been pouring in since his death was announced.

He loved animals so much that he donated large amounts to several prestigious law schools to help fund animal law programs. 

MSN reported that Mr. Barker was a fighter pilot for the Navy during World War Two. He finished college after fighting in the war. Like many in television, he began his career in radio, hosting a show in Florida. His success in radio led him to an unparalleled career in television. He will be missed. 

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