The Fourth of July is over, but local fire departments throughout the state are working overtime fighting fires caused by illegal fireworks shows. If you're someone with a pet or work in the early mornings, regardless of where you live, you feel the pain of the constant loud noise generated throughout the night. 

KIVI TV gives the scorecard on how busy local fire departments were during the continued fireworks season. Boise reported over 117 calls, 25 were fire related. Nampa Fire responded to 22 fires since the holiday weekend began. Caldwell said 22 fire calls, including a home destroyed and a dead dog. 

God And Country Photos 2023 Fireworks

Is it time to eliminate the state fireworks law that allows folks to buy fireworks that are illegal to use? We asked several folks on social media what they thought of so many unlawful fireworks shows before and after July 4th.

Although we'd like to share the over 100 comments, we've selected a few that we hope you find passionate and entertaining.


I love fireworks, but I’ve learned lots of people just like to blow things up and call it a celebration of freedom. In 2020, there was a real opportunity to act out that freedom in every day life. I took the opportunity to do so. But there were very few others who did - even here in Idaho where mandates could easily be ignored. Nearly everyone masked up until they were told they could stop…facts and freedom be damned. So count me as not impressed with so-called displays of freedom when really it’s just people having fun because they’re allowed to.


I found a place along the New York canal and watched the show. I understand aerial fireworks are illegal, but I LOVE them!

A lot of people were out watching, some even had their dogs on leashes and they didn't seem distressed at all. We used to have a dog who was afraid of them, but we had her sit at our feet in the back yard and calmly talked to her and let her know it was okay as the fireworks exploded overhead. It took her a bit, but she followed our cues and calmed down. Dogs will usually follow the lead of their owners, the less concerned the pack leader is, the more able the dog is to handle things.

I will say I wish people would stop at midnight. But we turned on fans and an air filter for white noise and were able to get to sleep.


I just look at it as it's just one night of the year and they are celebrating a very important aspect of being an American. Freedom. As long as they are responsible and don't cause damage to their neighbors property, to me, it's a tolerable celebration. In my neighborhood, they had some loud obnoxious fireworks, but they were done by 11:30 pm. and I thought that was reasonable. I had already resigned myself that it was going to be a later than usual bedtime.


Loved it. And yes I have a dog that cannot handle it and I do stay inside and cuddle him.

One night a week is totally okay. Go for it even until 5-6 am... I don't care... But the 5 days before the fourth and any days after the fourth... I'm not as tolerant...

But on the night of Independence Day... go all out ...I love it!!!


I am very patriotic but I HATE neighborhood fireworks


Fireworks are always awesome and though sometimes annoying still awesome.

It's so wonderful to see people celebrate the sacrifice of our founders and our freedom.

To those who want to restrict private fireworks: I think it's ironic that you would curtail that freedom to celebrate freedom.

A blessed and happy late independence day to everyone!

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