I know. I know. It’s likely that many of us are trying to stay away from bread right now — as I’ve talked with so many people recently who are on diets and trying to keep their waistlines from expanding by staying away from carbs etc. But this is the best bread in Idaho we’re talking about! You can’t not celebrate the best bread in Idaho.

There’s a recent article from Lovefood that shares the best bread and the most delicious bakeries in each state, and of course we wanted to see who made the list for Idaho. Lovefood said...

“The aroma of freshly baked bread is one of life’s simple pleasures, matched only by the taste of freshly baked bread. So, finding an excellent local bakery, or stumbling across one on your travels, always feels special. We’ve searched across the US to pick out where to find the best bread in every state, from longstanding Jewish bakeries with incredible bagels to places that make baguettes as good as you’ll find in France.”

So, where can you find the best bread in Idaho?

Gaston’s Bakery in Boise

Google Maps | Gaston's Bakery
Google Maps | Gaston's Bakery

Here’s what Lovefood has to say about Gaston’s...

“This small bakery in Boise may be mostly pastries but the bread it offers is equally impressive. It’s made with Idaho wheat that’s milled into flour, keeping the bran and germ for flavor and nutrients. The country bread (a rustic, open-textured loaf), Idaho wheat bread (made with 100% local wheat), and sourdough are all said to have a great crust and chewy texture, while the brioche makes amazing French toast.”

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