Escape the chaos of the city and check out this adorable log cabin in the Boise mountains!

Intermountain MLS
Intermountain MLS

The charming 3-bedroom, 2-bathroom home offers over 1,400 square feet of cozy living space on a private 3.35-acre lot in the mountains, making it an absolute haven for country and outdoor enthusiasts. Or, just people who want to get away.

This is not your average home—it's a "dream log cabin in the pines," according to the listing.

It offers a unique living experience that sets it apart from other, more traditional houses. And one of the biggest "pros" for this home is that it fits whatever your needs are — it can be your main home, a weekend getaway, or something you rent out to other people! It's hard to resist the rustic charm, the cozy and relaxing atmosphere, and the scenic location in the mountains.

Especially the upstairs lofts! My goodness. You'll see what I mean in the pictures below, but the upstairs makes me want to go take a nap, it just looks so comfy and relaxing.

The only "cons" I can think of for this property is that log cabins tend to require more maintenance, and while there's a huge appeal to "get away," that also means you're much further away from the everyday conveniences and city life. You want to go out to eat? Might be a 45-minute drive.

Keep scrolling for more pictures of the home and other amazing homes throughout the Treasure Valley 👇

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