Katy Perry will soon head to the U.K. to perform at King Charles III's coronation ceremony.

The historic ceremony will begin May 6 at Windsor Castle in Windsor, England, though Perry won't actually take the stage for the Coronation Concert until May 7.

Many details surrounding her upcoming performance remain a secret as of publishing. But that doesn't mean Perry isn't excited for the royal event.

Speaking to Access Hollywood, the "Firework" singer said she hopes to bring "love and light" to the Coronation Concert.

"I’m just so grateful that to be asked for these moments and that I have the songs to I think support them," Perry shared.

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While he won't be able to attend, Perry's fiancé, Orlando Bloom, will be cheering her on from afar.

"My girl's gonna be singing, that's fun. I'm not gonna make it there, sadly, but she's representing which is cool. She does those big, historical things. It's wonderful. She sang for the president too. She does that," Bloom told Entertainment Tonight, joking that maybe Perry will perform for the pope next.

Below, find out everything we know about Katy Perry's upcoming coronation performance.

Why Is Katy Perry Performing at King Charles’ Coronation?

Speaking to Extra, Katy Perry said she received an invitation in the mail to perform for King Charles III's coronation. She called the invite "very regal" and said it featured "a cursive I have never seen [before]."

Perry and King Charles already know each other, as the pop star serves as an ambassador for the British Asian Trust foundation.

Perry has previously attended events for the foundation, which King Charles founded in 2007.

"I’m an ambassador to one of his foundations for the British Asian Trust, which primarily focuses on ending child trafficking, which is a huge issue of our time that people don’t talk enough about. And it just aligned with all my values ... He asked me to sing and it all aligned," Perry told Extra.

Who Else Is Performing at King Charles’ Coronation?

According to Today, Katy Perry's fellow American Idol judge Lionel Richie is also slated to perform at the royal coronation.

British group Take That and opera singer Andrea Bocelli are also expected to perform alongside Sir Bryn Terfel, Freya Riding and Alexis Ffrench.

What Songs Will Katy Perry Perform at the Coronation?

Katy Perry played coy when Extra asked her about what songs she plans to perform at the royal coronation.

However, since the BBC confirmed the coronation's themes include "love, respect and optimism," it's possible Perry might perform upbeat, positive hits such as "Firework" or "Roar."

It's also possible she might perform a cover. In 2021, Perry released a cover of the Beatles' "All You Need Is Love," which would certainly fit the bill.

Listen to Katy Perry's Cover of "All You Need Is Love":

Where Is Katy Perry Staying for the Coronation?

Katy Perry will receive the royal treatment when it comes to her accommodations for the Coronation Concert.

The pop star told Extra she has been invited to stay as a guest at Windsor Castle.

"I’m really excited. I might be posting a lot because I’m gonna be in a castle, for real. This is wild," Perry gushed.

How to Watch Katy Perry’s Coronation Performance:

The BBC will air the Coronation Concert live on May 7.

It is expected that other major news networks, such as ABC and CNN, will also cover the event on television.

Sky News will stream the event for free here.

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