Katy Perry went viral for looking lost at King Charles III's royal coronation Saturday (May 6).

The pop star, who is set to perform at the official Coronation Concert this weekend, was in attendance along with her mother, Mary Hudson, to watch King Charles be crowned at Westminster Abbey in London.

During the livestream of the historic event, Perry, wearing a bespoke lavender design by Vivienne Westwood, went viral for appearing lost and confused as she seemingly wandered the abbey, searching for her seat prior to King Charles' coronation ceremony.

The moment quickly became a trending topic on Twitter as clips of Perry began to circulate on social media.

And rest assured, Perry did eventually find her seat. She even reacted to going viral online.

"Don’t worry guys, I found my seat," she tweeted.

Struggling to find her seat wasn't the only viral moment Perry sparked, however.

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Following the coronation, the singer went viral again when she nearly fell outside while leaving the abbey.

Regardless, attendees seemed delighted that the pop hit-maker was present, and numerous dignitaries even took selfies with Perry prior to the morning's festivities.

See more reactions to and memes about Katy Perry at the royal coronation, below:

Perry, who is an ambassador for King Charles' British Asian Trust, will perform at the official Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle Sunday (May 7).

Other scheduled performers include fellow American Idol judge Lionel Richie, English pop group Take That and opera icon Andrea Bocelli.

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