It's a culinary tradition that people of all ages can't get enough of.

Listen up Boise, there's a reason why I don't keep snacks in my house. They're simply irresistible. To me, snacks can be salty, sweet, sour, crunchy, chewy, bite-size or full-sized, etc. The problem is that the majority of snacks out there are not healthy for you.

And I can't control myself.

Even the so-called nutritious snacks become not-so-nutritious under my watch by the sheer amount I can eat in one sitting. That's right, raw almonds also have a serving size and it's not a full one-pound bag. So, I adhere to the "out of sight, out of mind" rule and if it's not in my house then I can't eat it.

Although, football has made it difficult to stick to that.

Football fans watching match with beers and snacks
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Not to mention, the holidays are right around the corner so basically it's the season of unhealthy eating.

With that being said, is there a snack you tend to gravitate toward? The one that, if left alone, you would devour multiple in one sitting?

Something tells me it might be Clif Bars.

Don't you just love these things?

Thrillist says that these almost meal-like delights are the number one snack in the state of Idaho. Honestly, I didn't discover these until I was close to being an adult. Boy, was I missing out! They taste like a delicious baked dessert and yet they feel like I'm fueling my body.

And did you see those new holiday flavors? Yum!

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