There are few people that Idaho is more proud to call their own than Aaron Paul. The "local kid" turned Hollywood superstar is always giving back and showing love to our state and we're eternally grateful that he never "got too big" for us!

We recently had some fun seeing that the internet was going back and forth on the best ways, places, and times to catch Aaron Paul right here in Idaho.

The "manhunt", if you will, stared out on Reddit where a vacationer was asking folks in Boise where to spot Aaron, if he were to go looking. Clearly, the user is a really big fan of Aaron's and Breaking Bad.

The original poster wrote:

Rumor has it he lives near Boise. I'm traveling states for a vacation soon and Boise is for sure one of the cities I want to see. I'm just also a fan of Aaron Paul's acting and was wondering if any locals have spotted him? Sorry if this sounds cringy.

Here are some of the highlights of this "group effort"...

Idahoans & Fans Work To Figure Out Where Aaron Paul Lives

When it comes to Idaho celebrities, the list isn't TOO long--at least not compared to much larger states. There are the athletes like Kellen Moore or Kristin Armstrong and of course, there's Aaron Paul. Best known for his role in "Breaking Bad", Aaron Paul is a local guy that is never afraid to show some love back to the Gem State. Recently, an entire forum online sought to track him are just a few of the suggestions.

Believe it or not, Aaron Paul isn't the only celebrity you might run into here in Idaho! While away from the shining lights of Hollywood, plenty of stars retreat to Idaho for a change of pace, a family visit, or simple vacation. Yes, even the Kardashian's visit Idaho. 

KEEP READING for a full list, below! 

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