When 2017 began I made a list of things I'd like to try to accomplish this year.  Like many people, that was one of the last times I actually looked at the list and looking at it now, I'm shocked how well I did.

In 2017, I wanted to control my time management better (I didn't do real well with that one, but now that I've made my 107.9 LITE-FM my new radio home, I'm able to achieve a little more work/life balance,) get crafty with it and run in a destination race.  The last two, I not only achieved but took to a next level.

Get Crafty With It

Last Christmas, I received a really cool cutting machine called a Cricut Explore Air.  It cuts everything from vinyl to t-shirt transfers to cardstock. I created some really cool things with it and even launched a small crafting business on the side! Here's a gallery of some of my favorite projects!

Do A Destination Race

In 2016, I gave myself a "12 in 12" challenge where I'd do at least one race a month for an entire calendar year.  It wasn't easy to pull off and I cut back how much I raced in 2017.  That turned out to be a blessing in disguise since I had some nagging hip pain that kept me from doing a lot of fall races.  My only goal for 2017? Do a destination race outside of the state of Idaho. Fate was good to me this year! I'd been looking at a wine run in Napa Valley and it happened to fall the same weekend that my friend was getting married in LA.  We were able to do the wedding on Friday and then head to Napa Valley for the Napa to Sonoma Wine Country Half Marathon on Sunday.

It was such a cool race to be part of! 49 of the 50 states were represented in the field, along with 29 different countries.  We loved the unlimited sampling from over 30 of the best wineries in the country at the finish festival too!

What did YOU set out to do in 2017? Did you reach your goals? Comment below.  I'd love to hear your stories!

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