Hopefully Santa was good to you and your family, but if there was one or two gifts that a recipient didn't LOVE, you've got a little extra time to take them back this year! 

According to Channel 2, it's almost essential for online retailers to offer some pretty laid back return policies since shoppers are buying a product sight unseen. Think clothes that don't fit or the Fingerling you expected to be the real deal...not a fake knock off.

Most of the major retailers used by Treasure Valley shoppers do exactly that. If you did your online shopping through Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart or Target here's what you need to know about sending back those unwanted or broken gifts!


Ok, this can be a little hairy at times.  Any items that you bough on amazon and shipped directly through Amazon.com between November 1 and New Year's Eve can be returned until January 31st. You'll get a refund if you follow all of their easy to follow return guidelines.

BUT...double check that your item actually shipped from Amazon.com and not a third party seller.  If your gift came through a third-party seller, the return policy may be completely different than Amazon's. You'll want to double check the policy on the page of the seller you purchased the gift from.

Best Buy

Best Buy gets a few moans and groans for not being as friendly as the other big retailers.  Yes, they also have an extended returns window but they're is only open until January 14.  That deadline applies to any gift purchased from November 1 to December 31. That is unless you're park of the My Best Buy Elite Plus loyalty program! Then your purchases might not have to be returned until February 13.  Double check with Best Buy for the exclusions on that policy.


Target's switched up their return policy for electronics and entertainment gifts for the holiday season.  Normally they only give you 30 days after purchase to get a full refund or exchange your tech toy for another item/one that isn't broken. For the holidays, they're not starting that 30 day window until December 26 for electronics bought between November 1 and Christmas Day.


Walmart's order from the plane and pick up your gift on Christmas Eve commercial was the brunt of jokes at my family's Christmas.  But what if that gift you ordered making your way home for the holidays strikes out with its recipient? Them double check to see if it's part of a 15-day or 30-day return policy. If it was purchased between November 1 and Christmas Day, those return windows actually start on December 26 too.

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