We hear the stories almost daily about how housing costs in the Treasure Valley are experiencing a meteoric rise as of late. Costs on materials are up. Shipping costs are up. It's not looking good if you're a person who likes to save money. Especially with the holidays just a few days away.

The good news? At least Idahoans aren't having a very hard time finding a job.

According to the Idaho Department of Labor, approximately 885,000 Idahoans are currently employed, while 24,000 are currently looking for work. If you get nerdy and do the math, those are very healthy employment stats for Idaho. The rest of the country isn't doing quite as well.

So what's Idaho's secret for getting people back to work? Here's what Governor Brad Little has to say on the matter:

Idaho is consistently in the top five states for our very low unemployment rate. For four straight months, Idaho’s labor force has grown, and Idahoans are working. Our success shows that limited government regulations, low taxes, and responsible government lead to more opportunity and prosperity for our citizens.


We now know that employment is up, but who's hiring the most? It's honestly surprising. Currently, Idaho is seeing tremendous job growth in entertainment, recreation, and in the arts industry. Looks like Idaho is getting back to work with all the colors and we're absolutely here for it.

To be clear, the numbers above take into consideration all Idahoans 16 years and older who are currently, or are eligible to be, in the workforce.


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