What is going on with Europe's fascination with Idaho? Apparently, word got out that politics in Idaho are a little "different" these days and a news broadcast from The Netherlands sent a crew to our state to investigate.

During their time in Idaho, folks from Nieuwsuur, a European news source that is broadcast in Dutch, caught a glimpse of our state--some highlights are below:

A European Look at Idaho's Conservatism

The United States is no stranger to Idaho and our politics--often times, it's Idaho making headlines for political controversies! In Europe, however, one would assume that Idaho is far from the radar. These days, that just isn't the case. Here is a look at Idaho conservatism through a European television news feature.

Well, that's an interesting take, no? 

We aren't sure what sparked their interest in our state but folks on Twitter had plenty to say, as well:




If we're being honest with ourselves, a lot of this information was portrayed accurately however, a small few extremists cannot represent the entire State of Idaho and it's unfortunate we have been painted in that light, abroad.

The news broadcast has interviews with business owners, local politicians, candidates for office in the State of Idaho--and frankly, includes some shots of Idaho's true natural beauty as well.

Check out the entire feature, in it's entirety, below: 


What do you think about their insights? 

The Idaho Democrat Converting Republicans

It's a story line that you just don't expect to see--Idaho Republicans endorsing a candidate with a (D) behind their name? It's happening and the internet is talking about it. Here's a look at the guy that wants Idaho's Attorney General position to be non-partisan.

Utah Political Candidate Leaves Internet in Awe

Did she go there? Yes, yes she did. We really can't believe we're sharing this but an elderly political candidate just hours from Boise, in Utah's District 12, dropped a rap music video announcing her candidacy.

Take a look as we break down the music video & check out the video for yourself, below!

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