Idaho has always been a “safe place” but with major influxes of people, accidents have skyrocketed.


This winter has been full of accidents, and a lot of major ones. Take this 40-car-pile up in South East Idaho for example:


Idaho Car Crash Footage from Fremont County Local Released


Outside of weather factors, distraction seems to be one of the highest causes of traffic deaths and accidents. 


Take a look at this:


Say What?!?! 19 Scary Things Idahoans Are Doing While Driving

Idahoans share the terrifying things they've seen other drivers doing on the road and it's horrifying.


Now, Idaho is leading the nation in traffic deaths. This is what we know:


Idaho's Horrifying Lead in National Traffic Deaths


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Locals Respond to Car Running into Kuna Verizon Building


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