The Idaho Humane Society is warning dog owners that 2019 has seen a rise in a type of grass that has been known to cause health problems in dogs, particularly shorter-legged breeds.

Cheatgrass, not to be confused with Foxtails, is known to grow in several regions of the planet, including North America, Europe, Asia and South Africa, The stems of this type of grass can grow up to 30 inches in height, which poses an increased threat to dog's that stand closer to the ground. recently shared a story about the dangers this grass can cause to our pets.

Cheatgrass often gets stuck in the paws, ears and throats of dogs, as well as other animals. Removal of the seeds and flowers can be very tricky, and often require an animal to be sedated, or even worse, operated on.

Coming from someone who owns a Bulldog, and has spent at least $1,000 in the past nine years on treatment for this very issue, I can offer this advice, do not let your dog roam freely in areas where there is an abundance of it.

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