This winter unlike the last few, we're seeing record low temperatures and heavy snow-fall. Sure, it's nothing compared to what we experienced in 2017--but that doesn't mean that life hasn't changed for our pets this season. For us, winter means a few more layers or sleeves before we hit the town for a walk or run with our dog. For them, however, things are a little different. Letting your beloved doggo run around in the cold has its risks, too-- here are four winter tips for dog owners in the Treasure Valley when it comes to paw-safety!

4 Ways to Protect Your Pet's Paws This Winter

With the winter comes snow and all sorts of unpredictable weather in the Treasure Valley. What does this mean for our furry friends that we live with? Well, while some animals love the snow, for others it disrupts their outdoor time. Aside from that, there are dangers to cold temperatures and conditions for your animals--and especially their paws! Here are some great tips to help keep their paws in tip-top shape this winter!

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