Local author S.A. Swenson of Kuna addresses the complicated issue of grieving children in his new book, "I'll Be Okay, Mama."

A husband, father, and uncle, Swenson's children's book was inspired by a recent death within his family. While the loss of their loved one was painful for the entire family, it was particularly upsetting for Swenson's four-year-old nephew.

As he and his family attempted to explain the concept of death to the four-year-old, their best efforts had fallen short. That's when Swenson digested the unique challenges associated with childhood bereavement and loss.

"I'll Be Okay, Mama" is the local author's heartfelt attempt to explain the nuances of death to children. Swenson's novel aims to help families help their little ones process big feelings about love, loss, and grieving. If your child is struggling with the loss of a loved one, the 18-page children's book can be purchased directly through Dorrance Publishing.

Local Resources for Idaho's Bereaved Children

Additional resources to help families guide their children through the pain and confusion of death are featured below.

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