Most of us brag to our friends and family (and nod to each other) about living in one of the most beautiful places in the country.  The "City of Trees" is amazing.  Until it's time to rake. 

I'm not sure how two trees (granted, one very large one) can create so many leaves that have been covering my grass for the last few weeks.

I had already done one round of raking and bagging, and quickly my progress had been erased by the new additions to the ground collection.  I decided I would wait until we were closer to the bigger tree being done with the seasonal shedding before I made a second attempt.

This weekend, i saw that we were going to enjoying rain and wind this week, so the moment seemed to be upon us.  The kiddo and I took on the challenge.  We even allowed for some fun, with him taking a couple jumps into our pile (that seemed to be about a foot to two feet high in spots).

In the end, it took us 12 "contractor" size garbage bags (I tried to places but both were out of "leaf/yard bags"), and about an hour of work, but we got it done.  I'm a little nervous to see what happens with the remaining leaves, but I'm no longer the source of the leaves blowing all around our neighborhood.

Maybe my neighbors will start waving again.

Jeff Connell, Townsquare Media