Hi! I'm Michelle.  I love everything pumpkin...except carving them.  I've done that exactly once and I was bad at it. Very bad.  So this year I tried something new!  Painting a pumpkin.

I picked something I'd thought would be pretty each for my first try at painting a pumpkin (one of those adorable Minions) and I'm surprised how well it turned out! Want to make your own?  Here's what you'll need!


  • 1 Pumpkin
  • Acrylic paint in red, blue, yellow, black and white
  • Two mason jar lids
  • Hot glue gun


  • Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

    Paint Your Pumpkin Yellow

    It took me about three coats of yellow paint to make sure this looked more yellow than a yellow-orange.

  • Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

    Take Apart Mason Jar Lids

    While your yellow is drying, separate the white part of the mason jar lid from the ring. Hot glue the lid back together with the white part facing up instead of the silver side.

  • Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

    Paint Your Minion's Overalls

    Use blue paint to give your minion some pants! I made a little pocket on the front of mine and left a little yellow showing for his "arms" before painting rest of his pants blue.

  • Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

    Give Your Minion Some Eyes

    Mix together a brown color using yellow, red and blue paint.  For the shade I made, I started with yellow, added three drops of red and one drop blue.  If you want to darken it up, add a drop of black.  Use brown to paint a circle in the center of the white lid.

    Once that dries, use black to add your pumpkin's pupil.

  • Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

    Glue on Your Minion's Eyes

    I think the paint on my pumpkin was a little too wet when I did this step, so I traced around the outside of the mason jar lids with another bead of hot glue.  Once it dried, I painted that yellow to be less noticeable. I also threw a "reflection" onto my minion's eyes with some white paint.

  • Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

    Finish The Goggles

    Use black paint to paint a ring around your pumpkin starting in the center of the minion's eyes.  This is the strap for his goggles.

  • Michelle Heart/TSM Boise

    Add the Final Details

    I tried to paint Gru's logo on my little guy's overalls and it came out passable.  I also painted two black buttons on his overalls and gave him a smile!