West Ada County School District students have been in school for a little under a month and while there has been much uproar from parents regarding protocols for yet another school year during a pandemic, how are the students feeling about this year so far? Who better to ask than a student from a local elementary school? I just so happen to be the mother of one such student who is in his final year of elementary school in Meridian.

First of all, I asked him how he feels about the mask situation in general and how he and his peers have been handling it in class. The consensus among the students is that wearing masks is "annoying" and "no one wants to wear it." Despite these feelings, every classmate wears theirs without disruptive complaint.

But I was curious to know if they have further debate regarding the mask debate. Kids are sponges, and especially at elementary age tend to side with whatever ideologies they hear at home. In my son's classroom it appears most students echo the idea that masks do not actually serve a purpose in preventing the spread of Covid-19. However disagreement on those thoughts isn't met with hostility. "I dunno, we just move on and keep playing or whatever." Pressing further gave me, "Mom, it's not a big deal. It's annoying but we're used to it. No one cares."

I'm not thrilled at how annoyed he seemed at my questioning as I fear it's a preview of the impending teenage years, but I did learn something. Kids are not nearly as worked up about masks as their parents and other adults. And they don't let conflicting perspectives stop them from getting along. Refreshing.

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