Moving to the Treasure Valley almost three years ago from Las Vegas, I was surprised at how welcoming everyone was. Maybe because I didn't move from California, people were more accepting. Perhaps it was because I changed my license plates immediately because I was very proud of being a new Idahoan and tried very hard to fit in. By the end of day one, I understood that Boise is pronounced Boy-C, not Boy-Z.

One of the reasons people knew I wasn't from Idaho was that I had trouble pronouncing some street names. Let's be honest, some of them aren't very easy for someone who didn't grow up here or learn the area's history. Boise has street names that confuse people because the origin of many of the words are so diverse.

For anyone new to the Treasure Valley, I have put together a guide on the most challenging street names to pronounce so that you don't have to embarrass yourself the same way I did when I first moved here.

The Six Most Difficult Street Names For Newcomers

These six street names have Boise newcomers confused! Can you pronounce them correctly?

Entertaining Idaho Street Names

How some of these came to be is still a mystery but one thing is for sure if you are looking for a laugh... These ridiculous Idaho street names should do the trick.

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