In recent years, issues like climate change have brought to the forefront that we, as citizens of the world, are essentially destroying our planet. 

These days, Boise has seriously stepped up its game in becoming more environmentally mindful. I am seeing more friends, neighbors and organizations as a whole becoming conscientious of the decisions they make, such as recycling plastics, utilizing re-usable products (such as cloth grocery bags), and buying used clothes instead of buying into every fashion trend. 

I believe the goal here is to not aim for perfection, but to make small changes where we see possible. Small changes by each individual can eventually lead to big changes around the world.

However, one Boise company has absolutely amazed me by the strides they have made both locally and globally: Roots Zero Waste Market

Roots Zero Waste Market opened in 2019 on Chinden Boulevard in Garden City, and they have already made history as the “first full-service zero waste grocery store and cafe in the U.S.” 

Their philosophy is rather simple: they want to eliminate plastic packaging and food waste that is typical in every other grocery store.

They offer a number of products: household and personal care; dairy, drinks, and condiments; bulk pantry; culinary spices; and produce. They also have a cafe, whose menu can be viewed here

To shop, it is an easy four-step process. According to their website, they "make bulk-shopping for food and household items easy. If you can fill it, you can shop with it!"

1. Weigh your clean container

You bring in your own containers, bags, and jars from home, and you weigh them on a self-serve scale.

They also have paper and free jars you can use, or bags and jars for purchase.  

2. Label your container

Place a label containing the weight of the container you’re using, because you only pay for the contents of your goods. The weight will be deducted at checkout.

3. Fill your container with food or household goods

Fill your bags, jars, and containers with goods from anywhere in the store.

4. Checkout

The weight of the container will be deducted before payment – cash, cards, and checks are accepted. You buy what you need, when you need it.


More Information [and photos included below]:

Their products are not pre-packaged, which eliminates the plastic and waste that is usually seen within regular grocery stores. Their website boasts that they “Act Locally and Think Globally” – they are plastic free, sustainably sourced, and they have ethically manufactured products.

Roots Zero Waste Market is open seven days a week: 

Monday-Saturday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm, and Sunday 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.

(These are their winter hours / typically they close at 7:00 pm Monday - Saturday)

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