During the holidays, it’s imperative to save money. While you’re browsing all the gifts for your family and friends online, we’ve found some very helpful and FREE tools to use this season, and beyond.

(Links to extensions at the bottom)


I’m sure you’re very aware of discount codes from influencers, Instagram ads, or stores online. But it’s so hard to keep track of them and honestly, they’re banking on you forgetting to put in the discount code during check out anyway. 


Not only that, what if you aren’t following some random influencer that has a discount code somewhere out there for the product you’re trying to buy. 


You’re ignorantly paying full price for something that you could be saving BIG on with one silly code.


Well, those days are over. As long as you have a laptop and follow these steps: 




So, “Honey” is a web browser extension that automatically searches the website for discount codes that have worked for that product. So no more having to google “discount codes for X brand” and hoping (after copying and pasting codes in) that one of them will work.


Instead, Honey does it all four you. You go to check out and a little box pops up offering to run discount codes.


You Hit the button, it runs every discount code found on the internet for that store out there, and then selects the one that gave you the biggest discount. It then automatically puts it in for you and let’s you know how much you’ve saved.


Oh, and just a quick little reminder - it’s FREE! So crazy.


I have saved so much money with Honey, and all it takes is one little click at checkout. So convenient and saves so much time and money. 


The ONLY drawback is that it only works on computers, so you can’t shop from your phone. But, I always save links and then share it to my mac later on to checkout!

Honey Web Extension - Save Money Online Shopping



The second tool I wanted to mention is Rakuten. Rakuten has been around for a long time, but it now also has a browser extension that gives you cash back at stores online!  


Rakuten also will run any codes it finds on the internet. You can have both extensions on your browser to make one mega discount collector!


You can also track certain items and get alerted when they go on sale!


And the best part - it’s ALSO FREE!

Rakuten Web Extension - Save money Shopping online (hacks)


Here are the links so you can download them to your browser extension today!

Honey Chrome Extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/honey/bmnlcjabgnpnenekpadlanbbkooimhnj?hl=en-US

Honey Website: https://www.joinhoney.com/

Rakuten Chrome Extension:





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