Only fans of The Office will understand just how funny a big bowl of Chili can be -- but here in Idaho, especially in one small town, Chili is no joke! We're here for the Chili, y'all!

When it's a little "chilly" outside-- see what we did there--there are plenty of options on how to warm up: 

14 Best Places in the Treasure Valley to Cozy Up With a Bowl of Soup

Is it just us or does it seem like Boise's seasons go Spring, Summer, two weeks of Fall, Winter? Temperatures are about to take a nose dive and you know what that means...soup season is upon us! For those evenings where you just don't have time to make dinner, where's the best place to pick-up warm soup? These are 14 favorites, as voted by you!

Soup is great--but how about some homemade chili? Nothing can make you sweat, fill you up, and maybe add a little "toot" to your walk quite like this! 

In a tweet shared by iconic Boise weatherman Larry Gebert, we learned recently that a famous Idaho tradition is returning:

There is a $5 charge to taste the chili options at this event and there are also activities and entertainment options for the whole family!

Celebrating its 36th year, this community event is highly anticipated and will be taking place on Saturday, March 5th from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m.

Are you interested in attending, seeing more details, RSVP'ing, or inviting friends? Tap into their official event page, HERE.

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