If we know anything about Idahoans, it is that we love to debate, we love to be opinionate, and we LOVE out state. There's a reason that the biggest entertainers in the world come here to escape-- Justin Bieber, The Fonz, Elon Musk, and more!

A recent online study is suggesting that one day this year, Idaho is going to have the best day, ever! Scientifically!

What makes Idaho so great? Everyone has their own opinions of why Idaho is amazing. The Fonz loves the fish. Bieber and the Kardashians love the privacy. Elon Musk loves the private jet strips.  Locals? Well, it's the safety, the wilderness, the pace of life, and so on.

Out of the many things Idahoans love to talk about, weather may be the top issue. Some people love it, other people hate it, and well...most just don't understand it.

Do you remember when it snowed in MAY!? 

How Common is May Snowfall in Boise?

You asked. We found out. The National Weather Service has 123 years of data to trace the latest snowfall of .1" or more in Boise. May snow is NOT typical for our area, but there have been traces of snow as late as June in 2008, 1954, 1950 and 1914. Here's a look at the history of May snow in Boise.

Luckily, there's no snow in the forecast anytime soon... 

Some "experts" have put together data from the last THIRTY SIX years to attempt to pinpoint the very best day of the entire year for every state in the country. Idaho's is coming up. Factors in these predictions include the amount of daylight, the weather, and how likely people are to spend time outdoors.

Idaho's "Perfect Day"?

Saturday, July 23rd! 

Would you like to see the entire interactive map provided by the folks at FamilyDestinationGuide.com? Click HERE

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