The Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is on and poppin' right now at Ann Morrison Park. Cap Ed Kid's Day was this morning, then the official balloon launching tomorrow, Night Glow on Friday--you get it. Lots going on for the annual event now celebrating 30 years. But what do we do after it's over? I mean, this huge event in Boise really brings people together. Don't worry, Meridian has something up its sleeve.

September 8th through 11th marks Meridian Art Week, a week to celebrate art (naturally). But not just painting and drawing. All forms of art are celebrated here, including poetry and dance. These are the events happening during the week:
- Downtown Art Drop
- Free Art Classes
- Annual Art Sip
- Community Art Party
- Saturday Art Market
- Chalk Art Competition

The Downtown Art Drop is really cool because it's a scavenger hunt for art. Artists create pieces and hide them in various locations downtown. They then give clues on social media as to where their art can be found. It ends up being a big art exchange for local artists.

The Annual Art Sip is embarking on its 8th year this year and is exactly what you think it is. Sipping on wine while enjoying art. Maybe this is mom's girls night with her besties Thursday night before doing the family thing at the Community Art Party the following day, which has activities and festivities for all ages.

The Chalk Art Competition awards $50 to winners in their respective categories. You can register early or on the day of. Details on every event for the week are right here at

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