If you happen to follow this former Beatle on Facebook, you saw the cool Throwback Thursday photo he shared last week! 

Taken in 1995, the photo shows Paul McCartney and Steve Miller jumping for joy near some pretty massive snowbanks in Ketchum. According to the caption, it was taken by Paul's first wife, Linda, while the two musicians were working on a song for Paul's tenth studio album, Flaming Pie. 

After a little digging around, we figured out that the song they were working on was called "Young Boy." In a 1997 issue of Club Sandwich Magazine, McCartney explained how the collaboration came to be. Miller and McCartney's first collaboration happened in 1969 after the Beatles got in an argument during a recording session at Olympic Studios. McCartney's band members left, but he stuck around and ended up jamming with Miller. The result was "My Dark Hour," a song that appeared on the Steve Miller Band's album Brave New World. If you read the liner notes, Paul McCartney is credited as "Paul Ramon" and provided backing vocals, bass guitar, drums and guitar on the track.

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The two of them hadn't caught up since that recording session, but after McCartney played "My Dark Hour" for his son (who thought it was pretty cool) he reached out to Steve again. At the time, he'd been sitting on "Young Boy" which he wrote while Linda was cooking a meal for a New York Times article. Miller invited him out to his studio in Ketchum where they started the song. Eventually, they finished it in McCartney's home studio.

If you look behind the snow, you could tell that they were in front of the 13 acre property that Miller listed for sale in 2017. The studio was located on that property. 

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