I never really understood knee pads in football. The pads were just a piece of foam over your knee cap and while it offered some protection it was like a bike helmet if you ran into a Mack truck! It didn't do much good!

Apparently other players felt the same way and lately more and more players, especially skill players, have done away altogether with any pads covering their knees.

Well, like everything else, here comes the NCAA to the rescue. This year the entire knee must be covered or the player will be asked to leave the field until the issue is resolved.

Leaving the knee uncovered has become the style and so when Boise State ordered new uniforms they did so with that style in mind. The new pants aren't designed to go below the knee and Bronco coach Bryan Harsin says the school just doesn't have an extra bunch of cash laying around to buy new pants.

Harsin says he thinks they are close to a solution but it could be interesting to see what the officials think on Saturday at Troy.

Boise State defensive standout Jabril Frazier says he has long legs and with the shorter new pants it's going to be tough to keep the knees completely covered.

So if you see players tugging at their pants it's not that they're tired but trying to be compliant.

I can just hear the call on the PA...number 33 is out for one play, failure to pull down his pants!



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