It comes but once a year...sort of. Treefort Music Festival has become a signature, staple event in the Treasure Valley and in an odd way "thanks" to COVID, Boise has been getting a little more Treefort than they've traditionally been used to.

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic not long ago, Treefort Music Festival along with the many other "forts" that fall under the brand's large umbrella were forced to be postponed. Then shortly after, every Treefort lover's dream came true--DOUBLE Treefort: once in the fall and once in the spring!

Treefort festivities have "normalized" in Boise--however the footprint and the anticipation of this major event is still in the air and we're excited that the main stage headliners have been announced! Do note that these headliners do not represent EVERY band that will be at the festival.

Here is a look at your 2023 Main Stage Lineup for Treefort Music Festival! 

Treefort 2022 Mainstage Headliners

Here's a look at Treefort 2023's Main Stage Lineup!

Don't forget, the music festival did make some main stage changes going into 2023. 

Where Treefort Music Festival's stage once sat, near the Owyhee Building on Grove & 12th in downtown Boise, there now sits a construction site. Organizers have found a new, beautiful home for that main stage, though. Make plans to see all of the action off of the main stage, this year, along the Boise River at Julia Davis Park!

Even if you aren't a "concert lover" (we're only judging you a little bit)--there are plenty of other "forts" happening during this festival and there really is something for everyone.

Here is a look at some of last year's diverse "forts"! 

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