Tarbush Kitchen, a Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Cuisine in Boise, is struggling to open their doors again after a drunk driver drove right through the walls of their restaurant. (Photos & Details Below 👇)

First thing’s first, because I’m sure you’re wondering this just like I was … thankfully, no one was hurt.

Yes, everyone was able to walk away from this okay, but it all depends on how you define, “okay,” as the owners of the restaurant are now dealing with being closed, losing a lot of money, and trying to reopen.

KTVB7 – who first broke the story – posted a video on YouTube with more details. In the video, Salam Bunyan (the Owner of Tarbush Kitchen) said ...

“It’s sad. I’m human. That's my income, my family. I have four kids and anyone who sees that is sad. It's not easy to fix all this damage, whatever insurance or no insurance that's a long process and every day you lost money, every day you lost customer.”

I love that Idahoans are so community-focused, and you can see that as hundreds of people are going to the official Tarbush Kitchen GoFundMe and donating thousands of dollars to help them reopen.

Their goal is to reopen as fast as they can, and with your help, it’s looking like that’s gonna happen!

KTVB7 reported, “Bunyan adds, people have been texting, calling, and supporting them and he wants to thank everyone because they've received so much love from the community.”

I wish I could say that 'cars running into buildings' was a rare thing around here ... but I'd be wrong. After these photos there are more photos 👇

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