When you're a kid, there's something exciting about picking up a book and reading it--from start to finish.  It offers this sense of accomplishment that few things can compare to at that age. Then again--as an adult, it seems like that feeling of accomplishment when you're able to finish a book may almost get stronger. We're busy-- jobs, kids, and more: who has time to crack open a book anymore?

While it may be sad, it really is beginning to feel like "cracking open a book" anymore is a rarity. The rise of audiobooks has made "reading" more accessible for busy people and students.

Did you know that Boise residents who are paying for audiobooks are falling victim to a wide-spread scam!?

Ok, maybe it isn't a REAL scam...but it may as well be.

Buying audiobooks on your smartphone can be pricey-- upwards of $15 to $30 a month on some platforms and if you're really into the book, it could be even more. Did you know in Boise, there's literally NO NEED TO PAY? This is not a drill.

Just this week we came across a pretty informative tweet:

We should note, we found some popular books with several-week waits, but by far and large not the average. Most books we searched popped up and were available right away.

Talk about a HACK! Shouts to you, Boise Public Library

It's no secret that Idahoans love their books--take an exclusive look inside of this Boise book store as just one example: 

Bargain Books Boise, Where Daisy the Dog is the Star

I recently stumbled upon a great local bookstore! They have vintage books, comics, games and toys and an extensive selection of new and used books for any kind of reader. Another thing that makes this place so special is Daisey the dog. A sweet 12 year old pup who not only is the greeter but the star of the place. Each different section of books, features a photo of Daisey dressed up in a way that represents the genre.


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