On Monday night, I was watching the news on KTVB when they showed a commercial for Tuesday's episode of America's Got Talent. One of the contestants who will audition tonight looked awfully familiar.

I rewound the DVR and that's when it hit me. The AGT hopeful is David Rush, a Boise man who has broken over 150 Guinness World Records. If his name sounds familiar, he recently claimed the title for the fastest time to drink a liter of lemon juice through a straw. The previous record was 17.12 seconds, but Rush shaved that downed that time to 16.53 seconds. He followed that up a few days later by breaking the same record for lime juice. On his website, he explained that he's not a huge fan of eating or drinking records but they've been a little easier to achieve during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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We don't know exactly what Rush's act will look like on America's Got Talent, but celebrity new blog"MJ's Big Blog" lists the MIT grad as a juggler. This short clip shows him in what appears to be a t-shirt ripping contest with host, Terry Crews.

Rush's motivation to break world records is rooted in raising awareness of the importance of STEM education for today's youth. He hopes that breaking records will teach kids that as long as they stick with it and practice, they can do anything including achieving high marks in math and science classes.

Tonight's audition episode is two hours long and airs on KTVB at 7 p.m. Until then, you can check out this video of another one of Rush's records that we watched him crush at the City of Trees Marathon last fall. He skipped right past the aid station where our station was set up!

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