The last time Bogus Basin had 100 or more inches at the base of the mountain was some 80 years ago in 1940.

As of today Bogus Basin has a 102 inches base with 107 inches on top and that's prompted a Februburied party for Saturday March 2 from 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Like every ski area in the state Bogus basin has had a record month for snowfall in February, 11 feet in all.

In fact the mountain snow pack in the area has reached 300% of normal. For the time being that's great news for skiers and outdoor enthusiasts and while it means plenty of water through the summer, we could be looking at an interesting spring along the Boise River.

Of course let's deal with that if and when because for right now it's party time on the hill.

For the record, the snow has also caused issues. Soldier Mountain is closed today for snow removal from parking lots and loading areas and for the most part all-wheel and 4-wheel drive are the recommended mode of travel.

Forecasters expect drier conditions into early next week with more snow in the mountains by Wednesday.


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