The holidays are right around the corner and the excitement of welcoming family in from out of town is flowing throughout the Treasure Valley. While we might not exactly be excited at the thought of an influx of people coming into Idaho, for the sake of the holidays, we'll allow it!

You may be wondering which places you can take your family to for the holidays. Sure, you could hit up downtown and visit the vibrant nightlife... but what if you want something more? What if you want some history? What if you want a good workout?

We took to Facebook and asked you where the best places are to take your out-of-town visitors in Boise. While most of you didn't disappoint, we did have a few trolls suggest places like the Boise National Forest... which yes, would be a great place to take the family... any other time other than the holiday season. Are you trying to get someone who's never been here in trouble with Mother Nature?

Also, could people please stop recommending I take my family to Ontario for the holidays? I get it - you want me to get my parents to dabble in the "dark arts" and have us dreaming of a "green Christmas" but it ain't happening.

Where do you think the locals of Idaho should take their families to for the holidays? Did we miss any spots on this list? Let us know your thoughts here! Let's dive into the top places you need to take your family for the holidays as submitted by you.

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