I thought this glitch was just another hurdle in my constant battle with the iPhone 7 that I am pitching when my iPhone X finally ships in December.  Turns out this time, I'm not alone.

While we were at dinner on Sunday night, I was scrolling through Facebook and congratulating my friends that had ran the New York City Marathon.  As I was trying to type "Congratulations! I am incredibly proud of you!" I realized my phone was autocorrecting the I into something weird.  My comment came out "Congratulations! A  [?] am incredibly proud of you!" So I went back in and tried to edit the comment, only to get the same result...every...single...time.

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

Honestly, I thought it was just another bug in my phone that I've already had to factory reset three times and moved on.  Before I went to bed, I noticed that an Instagram friend had screen captured his phone doing the same thing.  Hallelujah, I'm not alone!

It's an unexplained glitch in the predictive texting feature of iOS that's trying to autocorrect the character to an emoji.  I didn't realize that myself until I saw an uppercase "I" emoji that I've never voluntarily used show up in the "frequently used" section of my emoji keyboard.

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media Boise

The folks at MacRumors reached out to Apple and Apple said they're working on a fix.  They offered MacRumor readers a temporary fix. Mine appears to be ok again this morning, but if you're still having the problem, the easiest fix is to turn off the "Predictive texting" feature.

To do that go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard and then slide the option for Predictive to "off."

You can also try changing some settings under "Text Replacement." To do that go to Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Text Replacement.  Click the plus sign and enter capital "I" as the phrase and type lowercase "i" as the shortcut.  It'll make you look like you don't know basic grammar, but it's better than nothing.