Whether you’re leaving Idaho permanently, temporarily, or even just for vacation … you know it’s a hard state to leave and an easy one to embrace when you come back. You’re getting back home from a week-long vacation … doesn’t it feel great to be back in Idaho? Every time I leave the state for whatever reason, I am always so happy when I get back home.

Idaho is an amazing place to live. Sure, Idaho can be a little rough around the edges at times, but those are things that (in their own way) make the state so beautiful.

Here’s what people miss the most after leaving Idaho.

6 Things People Say They Miss the Most After Moving from Idaho

Fun and Warm Indoor Things to Do in Boise and Meridian

Sometimes when it is just too cold or too hot outside it is nice to experience some of the great things that are available indoors around the Treasure Valley.

Top 20 "Must See" Boise Destinations to Visit

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