Time to make a list....

I really don't like grocery shopping and I won't go to the store without a list.   Not because I'm some sort of a control freak, it's because I'm easily distracted.   If I don't have a list I'll come home with a cheesecake, a bottle of champagne and a bag of tortilla chips.   I've also recently become very aware of a bunch of food allergies I have so I can't just grab whatever and chuck it in my cart.  I've done that and it's very frustrating to get home and then read the label of stuff (usually after or while I'm eating it) to find out it's a no-no.

This morning as I was heading out the door I gazed into the desolate depths of my refrigerator and then rooted through my pantry where I spied a jar of crunchy peanut butter.   I grabbed it because it was already packaged up, easy to transport, healthy and required no preparation or cooking.  So, my breakfast today consists of black coffee and crunchy peanut butter..."yummy" - said no one ever!

I think the only thing left in my cupboard for lunch is a can of tuna and an old can of spinach that I'm not so sure I can convince myself to actually consume.   I've gotten a lot of inspiration from watching the TV cooking show "Chopped."  Lately I've been able to put off going to the grocery store even longer than usual by pairing up unlikely foods to make meals.   For lunch today I think I'll make a "tuna florentine burger" with the can of albacore and the can of green stuff.  By the way...I've decided that if you come up with a name that sounds fancy, for whatever you cobble together, it gives it a touch of sophistication and kinda makes it seem tastier than if you just called it what it really is.

However, I may have to ratchet up my creative "scrounging for grub" skills for one more day because I was just reminded that today is the first of the month and the grocery stores will be packed.

What about you?  Are you a "gotta have a list" person?

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