I’d like you to meet the new man in my life.  His name is Mike Hilderbrandt and he’s an amazing trainer at Axiom on Park Center Blvd.  You’ll have to stop drooling now because he’s married with children.  A girl can still dream.

Mike is training Joe E and I as part of the St. Luke’s $10,000 Weight Loss Challenge.  We work out with him 2x a week for an hour.  In that hour Mike shares his knowledge of movement.

You’ll get to meet Mike on Ask An Expert Friday coming up March 7th.  You’ll learn some simple steps you can take today towards a healthier tomorrow.  We’ll also be sharing some video on simple workout tips you can do in your home.

It all starts with a commitment.  A commitment to yourself and a reason you want a healthier lifestyle.  For me, it’s my children, Maddox, Zane and Noah.  I love them more than life itself and I’d like to be around for them and my grandchildren.  So this week I’ve started my personal journey to a healthier life.

Here’s one thing you’ll learn today.  Go buy a pedometer.  It doesn’t have to be fancy; just a basic working pedometer that can track your steps.   You want to achieve at least 10,000 steps a day.  If you can do that, you can do anything and you’ll feel a difference pretty much immediately.  You’re on your way!  More to come soon so keep checking back daily.

Make it a healthy day!