If I’m stressed, I’ll eat more.  It’s a given.  And I won’t eat foods that are good for me; I’ll reach for candy or potato chips.  So in my quest to lose weight, I’m trying to be a little more stress free.

I like to relieve stress at the end of my day with exercise, playing with my kids, reading or playing candy crush on my iPad.

Dr. Lynne Tan is a psychiatrist at Montefiore Medical Center in New York.  She’s teamed up with some celebrities to share their tips to "chill-out":

  • Write things out -- Writing your thoughts channels energy from something negative into something positive. Jessica Simpson says she goes through a journal every 5 months.
  • Pamper yourself -- Take care of yourself! Go get a massage! Hilary Swank says, "I love to relax with a pedicure!"
  • Change your focus -- Go to a museum, read a book, focus on what makes you happy! Britney Spears says she reads every night to stop her mind from remembering her soon to be husband is a mooch (just kidding -- but I know now she thinks it).
  • Calm down girl -- Take a tip from Oprah... she says when things get chaotic she heads straight for a bubble-bath. The crazier things are on the outside... the calmer she needs to be on the inside.
  • Hit the gym -- Working out is just plain good for you -- body and soul! Eva Longoria says she's been working out for a long time and feels great!
  • Get back to nature -- Christina Applegate likes to re-connect with nature and de-stress... She sets aside at least 20 minutes in the sun every day.

What are some stress relieving tips that you can share?  Comment below and we’ll all share in the success of less stress.

- Lisa