Television shows and movies have often been linked — a really good TV show sometimes spawns its own feature-length movie, or vice versa. Of course, this used to happen more often before the era of prestige television — after all, aren’t TV episodes like mini movies now, anyway? We’ve gotten some great movies that were inspired by television series, such as 21 Jump Street, Mission Impossible, and Star Trek, but there have also been a lot of films that completely missed the mark.

Not every television show makes for a good movie. Some concepts are just better suited for a serial format than a feature-length one. In some instances, however, a certain television show should make for a great movie, but still falls flat. It doesn’t matter if a TV series has compelling characters, a gripping plot, and plenty of opportunities for impressive special effects — sometimes, adaptations get lost in translation. There are some instances, such as the feature film based on HBO’s long-running series Entourage, that attempt to extend the plot of the television show. Others act as a reboot, and still others are prequels or origin stories.

The following movies were poorly received by critics for a variety of reasons, whether it be a shoddy script, uninformed casting decisions, or forgettable visuals. Despite their negative reviews, a few of these films actually managed to rake in a lot of profit at the box office — and even inspired sequels of their own. Below are the 10 worst movies based on popular television shows.

The Worst Movies Based On Good TV Shows

Sometimes horrible movies happen to bad television series. Here are the worst offenders.
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