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Boise Makes Another Top List
I don't know how many times I've begged my friends and family to make a stop through Boise while they're traveling!  Making this list only gives me more fuel to power my argument!
Some Idaho Speed Limits Raised
Idaho has some of the best stretch of scenic highway in the entire country. It's perfect for a short trip up North to McCall or a jaunt down to South Eastern Idaho and see the land in all its beauty. Now you will be able to reach your destination a bit faster than before.
Treasure Valley Tops List
Boise has topped a bunch of top lists recently, but it's pretty amazing that out of 150 cities, not only did Boise make this list but Nampa also made the list of top run cities in America...not just made the list but topped it....#1 and #2..Congratulations
What's Up In Boise?
If you want to keep up on what's happening in and around Boise, everything you need to know is just an Instagram hashtag away.