The Greater Idaho movement that locals in both states initially panned is getting much attention. The campaign was featured two weeks ago on the network television show CBS Sunday Morning' and today in the Washington Post.

Despite the efforts of liberal across the country, the folks in Eastern Oregon successfully continue their efforts to join Idaho. The Gem State is known for its free spirit and conservative politics. The Republican party so dominates the state that a recent feud has gone public, pitting the 'old guard' against the 'new Republicans.'

Oregon Republicans Have No Home

Oregon is a different state, culturally and politically. The state is dominated by Portland and Salem progressives who pass liberal legislation with little opposition. The state leadership has yet to offer an olive branch to the disaffected conservatives.

Once Mocked, Now Gaining Momentum

East Coast media elites have traveled to Oregon hoping to embarrass the Greater Idaho volunteers. As we documented here, The Daily Show showed up to mock the legal ideal of expanding Idaho's borders.

Check out the players in the Daily Show's Portrayal Of Greater Idaho

The cast of characters that want a more Conservative life than living with the liberal in Oregon.


The Washington Post spent several days in Oregon to get an accurate picture on what's happening in Eastern Oregon. The Post broke down how many counties have voted to become part of Idaho.

'So far 12 counties in central and eastern Oregon have voted in favor of local ballot measures that compel county leaders to study the idea of moving the border about 270 miles west. The movement envisions 14 full counties joining Idaho, along with parts of others.

A 13th county is scheduled to take up the question on the May 2024 ballot. The region accounts for less than 10 percent of Oregon’s population, but most of its territory.'

Liberal Opposition

The progressive group Western States Center has begun airing ads against Greater Idaho. The group calls the Greater Idaho campaign a secessionist movement in a press release. An excerpt from the release reveals the group is using the old liberal tools of misinformation.

“Greater Idaho proponents are writing the most recent chapter in a long history of dangerous secessionist movements that appeal to bigotry to fuel division. This effort follows in the footsteps of white nationalists, anti-democracy actors and paramilitary supporters who have been moving to the Pacific Northwest and Mountain West with a vision of creating their own state without the constraints of law or the constitution and, more recently, the ‘American Redoubt’ movement that has mobilized Christian nationalists around a similar goal. 

What's Next for Greater Idaho?

It appears the campaign is getting closer to its goal of moving the borders of both states. We may be a long way from making it official, both legislatures and Congress would have to approve the move, but all signs indicate Greater Idaho is closer to becoming a reality.

5 Shocking Reasons Preventing Greater Idaho From Reality

A look inside the opponents of the movement.

Reddit Users Respond To The Greater Idaho Movement

There was a question posted on Reddit that asked "Do you Want Oregon part of Idaho?" and these are their answers.


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