It’s February, and you know what that means... Valentine’s Day.

Everyone starts thinking about Valentine’s Day; Couples start to get all lovey-dovey with each other, and single people who haven’t found their partners yet (me) start to feel bad for themselves. Dating in 2023 is damn near impossible, especially with the rise of dating apps and people not wanting to meet in person etc.

Is Idaho a good state for dating and meeting new people?

The short answer is no.

There’s a recent article from WalletHub that shares the best and worst states for singles, and let’s just say it’s not looking good for Idaho. Why? Because when it comes to the amount of single people, both Idaho and Utah have the least amount of single people compared to literally any other state.

WalletHub says, “Besides your looks, personality, interests and employment status, your location can influence your odds of finding a romantic partner. Everyone has different priorities when searching for love, but certain places simply make dating easier than others.”

Source: WalletHub

They compared 50 states across "30 key indicators of dating-friendliness." Their data set ranges from the share of single adults to online-dating opportunities to restaurants per capita — to which Idaho and Utah have the least amount of single people.

Idaho is 39 on the list, and here's how we ranked overall:

Total Score: 42.92

Dating Opportunities: 45

Dating Economics: 8

Romance & Fun: 28

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